The National Taiwan Normal University CTBC Center for Addiction Prevention and Policy Research is funded by CTBC Anti-Drug Educational Foundation. Our mission is to support the development of diverse community-based treatment for substance abuse and advance the application of deferred prosecution and diversion in the criminal justice system. We expect to utilize research findings to inform new drug policies that yield more comprehensive addiction prevention strategies, better outcomes of re-entry, and reduced recidivism.

The establishment of the Center is a means for NTNU to fulfill university social responsibility. The government, including justice, police, and public health systems, plays a critical role in addiction prevention. NTNU, as one of the leading educational research institutes in Taiwan, also commits to providing professional services in terms of mental health, health promotion, and re-entry for this field to carry out our social responsibility.

The core values of the Center are to promote a triage model that facilitates appropriate placement of individuals with substance abuse issues and foster diverse community-based interventions and re-entry programs. To accomplish our vision, we will work with professionals to conduct empirical researches rigorously, meanwhile developing related education training to nurture emerging addiction specialists and enhance the social safety net.